Jan 4, 2013

The apps of 2012


   Once the 2012 has finished, let's recapitulate what are the best applications for 2012. Google and Apple have done the same with Android and have published several lists with the most used app. that was downloaded in 2012.

     In 'Google Play', the Android app store, have a list of apps, free and paid, that more have fallen this year (both new and old that have been updated): Evernote, Pinterest, Grimm Snow White , Pocket, Expedia, Ancestry, Fancy, SeriesGuide, Pixlr Express and Ted. A dozen different options aimed at audiences and colorful.

     Evernote is an app which aims to enable the user to remember everything. Saves all data in the cloud and consult them when the need for it, so that we do not forget anything. Its use at the individual and business have driven its success.

       The social network app for sharing photos, Pinterest, has also been the most decargadas the year, along with Grimm Snow White, the classic tale, illustrated, interactive and available in six languages​​.

      The list is completed SeriesGuide, an app for getting lost in the vast world of the television series, Pixlr Express, retouching photographs, and Ted, the app where you can watch the fascinating TED conferences that are organized around the world.

        In iTunes, the winner of the free apps of 2012 has been Apalabrados payment and WhatsApp Messenger. In iPad have been many people who have decided to get off Pages, Numbers and Keynote, a sort of Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apple version.

    Top 10 most downloaded paid apps for iPhone have been, therefore, WhatsApp Messenger, Chime Radar, Space Angry Birds, Angry Birds, My Calendar, Where's My Water?, Trivial Pursuit, Tetris, Camera + and Fruit Ninja.

       Meanwhile, the most popular free apps for the Apple phone were: Apalabrados, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Viber, BIDI: QR code reader and barcode, Shazam, Twitter and Skype.

     As for the iPad, Android payment have fallen more users are: Pages, Where's my water?, IPhoto, Numbers, Penultimate, Keynote, Angry Birds Space HD, GoodReader for iPad, GarageBand and iMovie.

     The most downloaded free apps for said tablet are Skype, Calculator for iPad Free, RTVE.es, Facebook, Apalabrados, Angry Birds HD Free, Adobe Reader, Dropbox, and Google Earth Online TV.

Jan 2, 2013

Google created an interactive map with the purposes for 2013

    Google has created a space that encourages users to share with the rest of the network its 2013 purposes. The company is gathering purposes in groups to create a map that shows, by country, the challenges of users worldwide.

    The arrival of a new year often means new development purposes. Some of the most popular are the gym, looking for love or quit. To test purposes from other users and develop a map with the intentions of Internet users around the world, Google has created an interactive map.

     Participating in the initiative is simple. Users who want to share their purposes just have to write it down, put your zip code, choose your country and consider a category that fits your challenge.

   Among the categories are groups such as love, health, family or education. These groups allow Google to display on the map separate purposes depending on the category.

     In interactive map created by the company, you can see all purposes, that appear in the original language and translated by users. Thus, it is easy to see the favorite topics of Internet in 2013 and will work this idea take challenges or goals to consider in this new year.

Dec 30, 2012

China tightens Internet control and imposes the use of real names

       China has passed a new law that citizens are required to register with their real names to access the Internet and other telecommunications services. It's a move some interpreted as an attempt sectors to muzzle already censored Chinese network.

"Vendors will ask users to provide real-identifiable information when signing agreements to grant access to the Internet, fixed-line phone or mobile device or to publish information in the public domain", specifies the resolution, composed of 12 articles.

      As noted several official media during the week, in practice, the new rules will force the Chinese to present their ID when they sign such contracts.

      Although authorities justify the action aims to "ensure information security and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens", some users are behind a will to control the opinions, some critically and hitherto anonymous, Internet users.

An attack on freedom of expression

  While the authorities note that this procedure "is necessary to prevent false accusations" and that already exists in several countries, many users consider this step as an attack on freedom of expression. At present several cases of corruption have been revealed through leaks to journalists and citizens the Chinese forums and social networks.

  Although still unknown the exact consequences of the adoption of the law and do behave in practice, it appears that the Chinese government censor arm-popularly called 'The Great Cibermuralla'-is tightening its policies.

    And you are seeing this, for example, companies that provide VPN, used by dissidents or foreign journalists to enter blocked websites in China. These services, which in recent weeks has stopped working normally.

        Internet users in China have to deal with an extensive system of censorship, especially in politically sensitive issues such as human rights, while sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are inaccessible without VPN.

Feb 16, 2012

UK threatens sentences of 10 years for illegally downloading music

Upload download
Upload download (Photo credit: Jonathan D. Blundell)
The music download portal RnBXclusive has been closed by the British Agency Organized Crime (SOCA).
On the closing of a message that ensures that users who download content from the page could be sentenced to jail terms of up to 10 years.

The fight against downloading content protected by copyright running rampant. The adoption of the Law Sinde, the debate on SOUP, ACTA trade agreement and closing by the FBI Megaupload have been the most noteworthy in this regard in recent weeks. Governments around the world continue to struggle against such practices and are increasingly more actions in this regard.
Upload / Download
Upload / Download (Photo credit: johntrainor)

The latest initiative comes from the UK, where a music download page has been commited. This is RnBXclusive, service allowing access to musical content of which apparently had no rights. The website displays a message confirming that the BritishAgency Organized Crime has proceeded to a close.

According to the BBC, UK agents have arrested a man allegedly responsible for theportal, but might not be the only one. In the message published in RnBXclusive which reports of the involvement of the page, SOCA ensures that users who have downloaded the service content could be arrested and would face penalties of 10years imprisonment and monetary fines.

According to the message of SOCA, the music released in the service was stolen from the artists so they proceeded to close and could be charged to users.

The statement on the website says that "illegal downloads have been able to damagethe careers of emerging young artists" and accuses the users have "damaged the future of the music industry" if they participated in the type of illegal downloadsallegedly encouraged in RnBXclusive.